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Friday 28 November 2014

The @-quartet, live at the M8 Live Club, Mainz, Germany

Here is a video with excerpts from our gig at the M8 Live Club, Mainz, Germany. Songs from both our albums "@-quartet" and the newest one "Roots and Leaves".

Thursday 2 November 2006

The Bootstrap Problem

The "bootstrap" problem is well known in computer science. However, it seems that musicians suffer from it as well...

Here's an example: if you want to get gigs, you'd better make the club tender comfortable with you by being well known. But in order to be well known, you should have played before, so you should have some gigs behind you already... See what I mean ?

Here's another one: SoundExchange is a digital performance rights organization in the US. In order to claim for tax exemption on the royalties I might earn from them, I have to supply a W8-BEN form with my membership request. However, before being allowed to fill this form, the US embassy in France requires that I provide evidence that I'm earning royalties. So what they are actually asking me for, is a proof of my membership to SoundExchange. See what I mean again ?

Thank God I'm a computer scientist and I know how to break from infinite loops. Otherwise, I might have remained stuck in this forever and eventually died of starvation (like most of my fellow jazzmen anyway)...