It was 1 in the morning in Paris when I eard the news, back from a party, on January the 14th 2007. I don't have the words to describe the sadness with which I went to bed that night. Michael Brecker went away at 57, too soon, too fast, that is not fair. He still had so much to say !

This saxophone giant belongs to the people that remain a bit mysterious to me: it has been 25 years since I can spend hours drinking his music, open-mouthed in emotion and admiration, and yet, I know that can only understand 10% of his discourse.

I think I just realized that for all this time, there hasn't been a day without his company, whether by listening to him, or by whistling one one his tunes...

Michael Brecker is present in my compositions and in my playing, I am sure of it. I know neither how, nore where, but I know, because it is not possible that he is not.

I also know that his music will keep me alive, for the decades to come.