Throw her away !! ... from the Jazz shelf.

Her music is so pretty, so sugary that it sticks on you, so stereotyped, so appropriate, unsurprising, so dead.

Sooooooooo not Jazz.

Jazz is crossing outside the crosswalks, doing standing jumps right in the puddle pools. Jazz is alive, it moves, it changes.

I know I don't sound like it, but I have nothing against her music. The existence of any kind of music is justified as soon as there is one person to like it. But what makes me nuts is seeing her classified as Jazz. There are so many, much more interesting musicians that would deserve the room she has in the stores. What drives me crazy, also, is to see a Jazz record label dealing with her instead of taking care of the musicians that would really need it. And finally, what literally makes me freak out is to see that people start believing that they love Jazz, just because they love Norah Jones.

You'll have to excuse me, now. I gotta go puke (too much sugar). :-/