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Thursday 14 January 2010

Computers in Music

What's most important in music is the human emotions and interactions in it right ? There is a side of so-called "contemporary jazz" where musicians end up doing more loops and sequences than actually playing something. This makes music boring and cold to me.

But perhaps not after all. I've just had a glimpse at Pat Metheny's Orchestrion project. I find this absolutely fascinating, and also somewhat worrying. What happens when you remove human interaction from music, especially Jazz ?

Perhaps what's more intriguing is this kind of music being successful (in terms of people actually enjoying it). I got the same sort of feeling when I heard an incredible piece of classical music composed by a computer generated virtual mix of Mozart and whomever else, at the MIT's media lab.

If computers can be as successful as humans at creating music, then it sort of shakes the ground on which I built my passion for this art.

Monday 4 June 2007

Carbon guitars

Heard yesterday on TV, while browsing informations. A Ph.D. student in signal processing applied to music AFAICR. He was building carbon based guitars:

The problem with wood is that it's impossible to build two exactly identical guitars...

So, OK, I was zapping, this may be a bit out of context, but still. This guy had better work in biology instead. Because we have some more serious issues there. For instance, the problem with flesh is that it's impossible to build two exactly identical humans !