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Saturday 10 November 2007

Nouveau challenge sur Guitar Live

Attention, amis guitaristes !

Un nouveau challenge démarre aujourd’hui sur Guitar Live: improvisez à ma place sur Printemptation (morceau issu de l’album @-quartet). Un mp3 de l’enregistrement studio (moins la guitare) est fourni !

Vous avez 15 jours... amusez-vous bien !,1092.html

Wednesday 24 October 2007

Buying a Godin guitar in Montreal

Can somebody please explain to me how it is possible that neither of the guitar shops downtown Montreal have a Godin Multiac Steel SA in stock?

The Godin headquarters are like, 36km away? (yes I now, headquarters have nothing to do with instrument factoring and distribution, but still.)

Monday 4 June 2007

Carbon guitars

Heard yesterday on TV, while browsing informations. A Ph.D. student in signal processing applied to music AFAICR. He was building carbon based guitars:

The problem with wood is that it's impossible to build two exactly identical guitars...

So, OK, I was zapping, this may be a bit out of context, but still. This guy had better work in biology instead. Because we have some more serious issues there. For instance, the problem with flesh is that it's impossible to build two exactly identical humans !