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Wednesday 2 May 2018

Lisp, Jazz, Aikido, 10 years later

10 years ago, I published a short blog entitled "Lisp, Jazz, Aikido", barely scratching the surface of what I found to be commonalities between the 3 disciplines. At the time, I had the intuition that those ideas were the tip of a potentially big iceberg, and I ended the blog with the following sentence: "I'd like to write a proper essay about these things when I find the time... someday."

Well, 10 years later, I did. The essay, which is 50 pages long, has been published in the Art, Science, and Engineering of Programming Journal, and actually received the Reviewers'Choice Award 2018. I'm not the bragging type, far from it, but I had to mention this because this essay is so personal, and I invested so much in its preparation (more than 300 hours) that I am as deeply touched by the award as I would have been hurt, had it been negatively received...

The live presentation has unfortunately not been recorded, but I took the time to make a screencast afterwards, which is now available on YouTube. Just like the essay, this presentation is not in the typical setting that you'd expect at a scientific conference...

If you've got an artistic fiber, if you're sensitive to the aesthetic dimension in what you do, you may enjoy this work...

Saturday 14 November 2015

Nouvelle interview pour Jazz Box

Une nouvelle interview pour JazzBox, avec Jacques Thevenet est en ligne ici. Avec Jean-Philippe Doret, et en compagnie de la chanteuse Raphaëlle Atlan. Vous pouvez retrouver cette émission en intégralité sur le site de l’émission.

Thursday 5 February 2015

JazzActu interview

For the release of my new album Roots and Leaves, Bob Garcia invited me to a video interview (in French) for JazzActu, his online Jazz magazine. Thanks Bob !

The interview is here.

Friday 19 April 2013

Resistance is futile. You will be jazzimilated.

This morning, I played a little with the Gimp 2.8...


Wednesday 11 June 2008

La "musique" sur France Info

Pour la fête de la musique, France Info propose aux musiciens auto-produits de se signaler et de laisser quelques extraits musicaux. Un jury sélectionnera ensuite une dixaine de candidats pour diffusion sur leur antenne le 21 Juin.

Donc vous allez sur leur site, vous cliquez sur "Style Musical", et là, vous avez le choix: Pop/Rock, Électro, Chanson, Hip-Hop.

Ben voilà, c’est tout. Ça en dit long sur la place d’une des musiques les plus riches et intéressante dans le PAF. Remarquez, dans "France Info", il n’y a pas écrit "Musique" (dans "France Musique", il n’y a pas écrit "Jazz" non plus, d’ailleurs).