Sometimes, it's hard. You don't sell many CDs, you hardly get one 5 lines review out of dozens of requests. And then, a Monday Morning, you go check your cdbaby page, and you find this from the last customer ...

great CD of original straight ahead contemporary jazz

This is a very good CD (I gave it the highest rating). The songs are original and good, and the musicianship outstanding. It is not overplayed, it is not underplayed, everything fits together well. Verna has two of the songs available as mp3 files on his site, check them out (the rest of the CD, except for one or two songs, is similar in sound). The sound is modern but not too abstract, very listenable and flowing, it is more straight-ahead than fusion. The solos are terrific, Verna is an outstanding jazz guitarist. His tone/sound is more like Metheny than Scofield, but his lines are his own. I'm looking forward to his next CD.

... and then, you go happy again. I just wrote a new song called Monday Morning :-)