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With Guillaume Naud (piano), Gilles Naturel (double bass) and David Georgelet (drums). Recorded by Dominique Samarcq at studio Sysmo Records (Paris). Mixed by Jean Taxis and Didier Verna at studio Val d'Orge (Épinay sur Orge). Masterized by David Hachour and Didier Verna at Top Master studio (Paris). DVL Records. Copyright © 2006 Didier Verna. Reference: DVL0206JZ.


  • Congrats ! Very very good album. I like it a lot. -- Glenn Ferris
  • Some beautiful Jazz guitar. -- Antoine Hervé
  • Nice sounds, great playing ! -- Greg Lyons
  • I think that this is great quality jazz music. -- Yves Carbonne
  • We've listened to it in the car, and it makes a lovely background music. -- my step-mother


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